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Swimming Pool Construction


The excavation phase is normally completed in one day. Charlie Matthews Custom Pools will paint the pool onto the ground and establish the grade to prohibit the water from going where it shouldn't, and making it sure it goes where it should. This process will insure the grade allows for proper drainage, which is VERY IMPORTANT. After the homeowner is satisfied with everything on the ground, the form boards will be set and we will get the excavation underway. Charlie Matthews Custom Pools will set an appointment with you to select your tile and coping choices.


The next day, the crew will place and tie all rebar. Charlie Matthews Custom Pools uses #4 (1/2") bars in the beam of the pool, and #3 (3/8") bars throughout the net. Our steel structure exceeds current industry standards.

At the same time of the steel placement, The plumbers will plumb the pool and set all related equipment. Later that day, the electrician will bond or ground the steel to meet the city's regulations if necessary. The city will require an inspection after this step.


The pool shell will be blown in using only the most modern equipment available. Gunite is phoematically applied concrete. We use a 6-sack mix, which are 6 sacks of cement to 1 yard of sand. The top beam of the pool will be 12" thick while the walls and floors are to be 7 to 9 inches thick. Charlie Matthews Custom Pools Pools warranties the shell of the pool for life. All gunite is subject to a core test to verify it meets Charlie Matthews Custom Pool's requirements, which is 3000 PSI. 3000 PSI is well above the industry standard.


It has been said Charlie Matthews is the Michelangelo of stone work. View our gallery to see for yourself.

The tile, coping and electrical phase will take 1 to 2 days to complete. Tile and coping is very important for two reasons. First, it seals the top and waterline of the beam. Second, it shows the craftsmanship of the pool and actually gives the design a more aesthetically pleasing look.

During the tile and coping phase, our licensed electrician will wire all the equipment to national and city codes. Freeze protectors are installed on the equipment and GFI protection on the light circuits and any outdoor plugs. Charlie Matthews Custom Pools installs these on all of our pools. An inspection by the city may be required after this phase. A representative of Charlie Matthews Custom Pools will schedule a time that is convenient for you to paint the deck onto the ground per plan.


This phase will take approximately 3 to 4 days. The first day, the forming crew will set up the deck with the form boards, provide at least 2" of cushion sand, set and tie the rebar, and run the drain system. An inspection by the city will be required after setting the deck.

When the inspection is complete, the following day the decking will be poured. All decking will be poured at one time. This eliminates cold joints and will be a minimum of 4" thick. Constant verification of the plumbing pressure ensures there are no damaged or leaking pipes that are under the deck.


This is the last step before we fill the pool!

Plaster is very important because it seals the gunite so the pool will hold water. Depending on the look the homeowner wants the type of plaster is chosen. The application of the plaster must be performed on a non-windy day due to blowing debris, which can be imbedded in the mix. The plaster is always applied with the utmost care, due to the fact that if not, it will be very noticeable. Upon completion of the plaster application, we will promptly start filling the pool with water.