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Your Custom Pool Design


The first meeting will take place at the location where the pool is to be built. Matthews Custom Pools will document the location of your utilities to decide a location for the pool equipment and if there could be a possible utility re-route. Next, we will determine the grade or slope of the yard to predict drainage issues.

At this time, we will ask you for your ideas of what shape and style pool you are interested in. We want you to know, this is your pool and we want your dreams to become a reality. If you are not sure, don't worry; we have 100's of designs. Charlie Matthews will also ask if there are any special features you may be interested in. For example: landscaping, cabanas, water features, etc. After we have a good idea of your visions, we will wrap up and start our homework. Charlie Matthews Custom Pools will do our best to cater all of your information onto a CAD drawn, architectural rendition.

After approval from you, Charlie Matthews Custom Pools will start the permitting process. This will take from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the electric companies and cities. Upon completion of permitting and verification of payment (cash or closing of any loans), we will schedule the excavation.

Pool Service Performed
By The President of IPPSA